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Originals and Prints











All original oils are painted on triple primed, archival canvas - lasts approximately 500 years. Each work is signed by Jacobs on the front as well as the back of the canvas. 

All prints are signed on the front, bottom right. Prints will be printed on the following:Velvet Fine Art - Acid Free- heavy duty watercolor paper. All prints are the highest possible quality, as well as archival.

Original artwork and prints arrive within eleven (11) to fourteen (14) business days from time of order, depending on the destination of the artwork as well as the time it takes to clear customs, if the work is shipped Internationally.


From the time of shipping, the artwork will usually arrive at the buyer’s destination between seven (7) to ten (10) business days, barring any delays due to customs clearance.

We appreciate your interest in Jacobs work. As stated in the bio, Scott Jacobs Gallery is celebrating 12 years in Carmel, Ca. We hope you find the time to visit, and or a painting/print that speaks to you on our site. The gallery is also Jacobs studio. You can meet him, and see Jacobs painting here most days of the week! 

Mission St. Between 5th and 6th across from De Tierra Vineyard and Katy's Place, Carmel, California. 




2015 Oil on Canvas 20_x16_
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